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Forefront: Innovations in Suicide Prevention

Spokane conference aims for zero suicide
Keynote speaker Paul Quinnett challenges communities to create a system of care."Everyone can do something," he says.  — photo by David Friedle

Forefront staff and allies took part in a remarkable conference in Spokane last month. Titled Achieving Zero Suicide in Our Inland Northwest Communities, the event offered a clear-eyed view of the many deficits in our current model of “suicide care.” It also examined new evidence-based solutions that are saving lives and offering extraordinary promise in suicide prevention, such as:

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Nesley Bravo (second from left, front) and other organizers celebrate after the 2014 H3 walk. — Photo by Alexander Tran

University of Washington social welfare senior Nesley Bravo is looking forward to her fourth annual campus walk for suicide prevention and awareness on Saturday, April 25. She loves the feeling of community and solidarity shared by those who are remembering someone lost to suicide and willing to talk about suicide ideation, attempts or prevention themselves. “It’s beautiful,” she says.

Compassion Research Day participants celebrate collaborations aimed at  using social media as a force for good. — Photo by Katie Simmons

As the world's biggest social network, with more than 1.39 billion users, Facebook is uniquely positioned to provide online resources and support to help people at risk for suicide. That's the goal of its new collaboration with Forefront to improve support for people expressing potentially suicidal thoughts and online friends who see and report those posts.


Insights Blog

Insights Blog

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