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Need help now?  Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255
Need Help Now? Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 1.800.273.8255

UW-Husky, Help & Hope

UW-Husky, Help & Hope

If you are concerned about a UW student in distress, call SafeCampus at 206-685-7233.

Nationally, it is estimated that 10 percent of college students experience suicidal ideation, 1.5 percent make a suicide attempt, and 7.5 per 100,000 college students die by suicide each year. 

The Husky Help & Hope grant, which aimed to address these issues among higher education students, ended in March 2017. In the meantime, the annual tradition of the Husky Help & Hope Walk continues as a way to provide continued support to the Huskies for Suicide Prevention and Awareness (HSPA) and set a replicable model that other schools can follow. An ongoing JED Campus and Forefront collaboration will provide the vehicle to continue innovations in social and emotional health and suicide prevention. 

Background: In October 2013, Forefront received a federal Garrett Lee Smith grant from UW H3 Walk in 2017. Photo credit: Daniel Kim.the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to implement a campus suicide prevention initiative on the University of Washington—Seattle campus, called Husky Help & Hope (H3).  H3 takes a multi-pronged approach to campus suicide prevention, including:

  • Advocating for increased campus behavioral health resources
  • Developing and implementing protocols for responding to UW students in distress
  • Training faculty, staff, and student leaders in suicide recognition and referral
  • Training professional students in clinical tracks in suicide assessment, treatment, and management
  • Building sustainable student organizations, such as Huskies for Suicide Prevention and Awareness
  • Streamlining data collection and analyzing data around student behavioral health and suicide
  • Strengthening behavioral health screening on campus
  • Building and maintaining online behavioral health resources on UW websites
  • Sharing knowledge gained from H3 with other colleges and universities in Washington State