Bereaved by suicide

The grief associated with a death by suicide can be overwhelming. In addition to the pain of losing a loved one, suicide is often sudden and unexpected. Many loss survivors are unprepared and left without a clear understanding about why their loved one took their life.

People who have experienced a suicide loss often need compassionate support from people who can listen with empathy but without judgement.

Many people have found it helpful to connect with a counselor who understands grief and loss. Counselors experienced with suicide-specific grief are helpful because this type of loss is unique.

Some people benefit from groups. Survivors of suicide loss, otherwise known as SOS groups, can also be helpful.


Suicide Bereavement Resources

CC Cares is a program for those newly bereaved by suicide from those who have been there. CC Cares was originally a program started and nurtured by Forefront Suicide Prevention, and has since transitioned to our partners at Crisis Connections. Talking to someone who has survived a loss can be healing for those who have more recently experienced a loss. In addition to a care package, CC Cares also offers phone-based support from companions who have also experienced a suicide loss. Learn more here
Honoring your loved one is an important part of the healing process and a very personal decision. There is no right or wrong way to go about it. Visit our idea page here.