Forefront Cares Transitions to Crisis Connections

Forefront Suicide Prevention is proud to announce that Forefront Cares will formally transition to Crisis Connections effective October 15th, under the new name CC Cares.

We are deeply grateful for our volunteer mentors, to Forefront co-founder Sue Eastgard for starting the Forefront Cares program, and to Kristin Spexarth and Jennifer Barron for nurturing it. For over four years, this program has helped so many people in their darkest hour.

It is such important healing and prevention work, Forefront look forward to seeing how it continues to grow and continue at Crisis Connections. Postvention support for loss survivors is an area Crisis Connections wishes to focus more on in the future.

Since 1964, Crisis Connections (formerly Crisis Clinic) specializes in direct service and support delivery in King County. With over 400 trained volunteers and experienced staff, we provide support, resources and certified training for King County and other communities statewide. Crisis Connections also provides around the clock clinical support for their volunteers who are providing 1-1 support to individuals directly affected by suicide.

Forefront and Crisis Connections are working together to build a continuum of volunteer service opportunities spanning from direct service for loss survivors and individuals at-risk to community-based education and advocacy.

Check out the new CC Cares website!
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