Now accepting nominations for 2017 “Champions of Change” Awards!

HOW TO NOMINATE: Please email a statement to Forefront’s interim awards coordinator. No attachments necessary. Include the following details:

– Which award you are nominating someone for;
– A statement of the nominee’s outstanding work in suicide prevention;
– Nominee contact information (email address, phone number), if available.

ABOUT: This fall, Forefront honors outstanding contributions to suicide prevention during the 2016-2017 year. Nominees must be from Washington state. The nomination deadline is Sept. 10.

As special guests, each winner will receive two comped tickets to Forefront’s 5th Annual Event & Fundraiser on Oct. 18.

You can help by nominating candidates (multiple nominations allowed) for the following awards:

Sue Eastgard Training Excellence Award

Named for Forefront’s co-founder and its first recipient, this award recognizes an individual for commitment and effectiveness in designing and delivering state of the art training for health professionals in the prevention of suicide. The trainer and/or developer of training would earn recognition based upon these criteria:

– Must be innovative and collaborative
– Must meet at least one of the legislative mandates that Forefront has helped to pass
– Must be having an impact in Washington State & advancing the field of suicide prevention

Emerging Leader Award

This award recognizes a young person (up to age 25) who has demonstrated leadership as part of the next generation of suicide prevention advocates:

– Demonstrated commitment to suicide prevention and awareness;
– Organizing, inspiring, or mentoring others, especially young people;
– Activation or significant acceleration of activity in suicide prevention field within the past three years.

Note: A nomination form is available for the Emerging Leader Award.

Public Service Award

This award recognizes an elected official who has made significant contributions to prioritizing and advancing public policy related to suicide prevention, such as:

– Mentioning suicide prevention/relevant legislation in floor speeches and meetings with key decision makers;
– Mentioning suicide prevention/relevant legislation in media interviews;
– Serving as the prime sponsor of relevant legislation; going above and beyond to shepherd legislation through the legislative process;  – Engaging the community around suicide prevention/relevant legislation, including event speaking.

Tina Orwall Community Advocate Award

This award, named for Rep. Tina Orwall, recognizes a community-based individual who has gone above and beyond the call of volunteer duty for the suicide prevention cause, within and beyond the legislature, such as:

– Attending Suicide Prevention Education Day;
– Speaking to the media about relevant legislation;
– Volunteering to help organize advocacy training or education day in Olympia;
– Testifying and/or contacting legislators about relevant legislation.