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Need help now?  Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255
Need Help Now? Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 1.800.273.8255



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Forefront advances innovative approaches to suicide prevention through public policies that will reduce suicide risk and save lives.

Forefront’s advisory board has played an important role in helping to organize coalitions of stakeholders concerned about preventing suicide in WA with incredible results to find common ground on suicide prevention policies.

Washington is now considered one of the most proactive states in the nation with regard to the prevention of suicide. Washington is first in the nation to require its licensed mental health (2366) and health care professionals (2315) to have training in how to assess, manage and treat individuals who are at risk for suicide. K-12 public schools are becoming more fully prepared to prevent suicide (1336). The Task Force on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention in Higher Education (1138) gathered data about suicide prevention efforts and the amount of suicidal behavior on campuses, preparatory to recommending more comprehensive ways to keep students safer from suicide.

Most recently, the Legislature passed a bill to implement the Suicide-Safer Homes Project, a public health educational platform for suicide prevention and strategies to reduce access to lethal means (1612).

Dozens of volunteers concerned about suicide across Washington State, health care providers and suicide prevention experts have made these laws possible.

You decide for yourself how much time you wish to volunteer. Whether you have a lot of time for education work or only a little, you can make a difference.

Would you like to help us make big picture change to reduce the number of people who die by suicide? If so, sign up to GET INVOLVED here.