Higher Education

Higher Education Suicide Prevention Conference

The Washington state legislature designated Forefront, in statute, to lead the state’s colleges and universities in suicide prevention and mental health promotion. This work involves building a suicide-prevention resource portal that will serve all four-year, two-year, public, private and vocational institutions. An annual conference for participating colleges and universities helps disseminate key approaches and allows campuses to showcase their progress and share experiences. Please contact Marny Lombard with any questions.

Suicide Prevention Awareness Walk

The Husky, Help & Hope Suicide Prevention Awareness Walk brings together Huskies for Suicide Prevention and Awareness (HSPA), a UW student group, and Forefront Suicide Prevention. The Walk is designed to spread suicide prevention and mental health awareness to the community and to set a model that other schools can follow. Each year, the walk brings together hundreds of supporters on the University of Washington campus.

Huskies for Suicide Prevention and Awareness (HSPA)

Huskies for Suicide Prevention and Awareness (HSPA) is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at the University of Washington. Established in 2011, HSPA is dedicated to the destigmatization of suicide and mental health, as well as the promotion of mental well-being and positive living by building a strong, accepting, and safe university community. HSPA educates and develops better student awareness of mental illness and provides a safe space for sensitive issues to be discussed. Forefront acts as an advisor for the group.

Jed Foundation and the Forefront Suicide Prevention Partnership

A partnership developed between the Jed Foundation and Forefront Suicide Prevention has allowed 13 colleges and universities in Washington to participate in the four-year JED Program. The program guides schools through a collaborative process of developing comprehensive systems, programs and policies with customized support to build upon existing student mental, substance abuse and suicide prevention efforts.  This collaboration is made possible through the generosity of the Jolene McCaw Family Foundation.