Senate Bill 6514:

SENATE BILL 6514: Postsecondary Education

Save the date: Washington State 2019 Conference on Suicide Prevention in Postsecondary Education, April 15-16, 2019, University of Washington Seattle Campus | Learn more.

The major dynamic in behavioral health and suicide prevention in postsecondary education across Washington state today is increasing student demand for services while facing limited resources. Join us on April 15 to learn about ways to strengthen your work despite this challenge.

In 2018, Washington’s lawmakers recognized the need to strengthen the promotion of behavioral health and suicide prevention within Washington state’s postsecondary institutions by passing Senate Bill 6514.

SB6514 directs Forefront Suicide Prevention and the Washington Student Achievement Council to develop three initiatives. The agencies have convened and confer with a workgroup in public quarterly meetings.

The three components are described here:

The initiative includes three components:

  • A publicly available, online resource with trainings, crisis protocols, promotional materials and an annual conference.
  • A grant program, which will focus its first six selections on public institutions with high needs and low resources. Grants that offer enhanced services for veterans will have preference.
  • Data collection by campuses, in order to create a state baseline on the issues of suicide and mental health issues..

For more information on the Work Group and its members, click here.

Please contact Marny Lombard, Program Coordinator, for more information.