All Patients Safe Training for Medical Professionals

Suicide is a silent epidemic, and a public health issue.

Tragically, suicide in the U.S. is a more common cause of death than breast cancer, prostate cancer, or traffic fatalities.
All Patients Safe: Suicide Prevention for Medical Professionals is a three- or six-hour interactive self-paced training course designed to address the public health crisis and provide the necessary tools to medical providers for preventing and educating patients about suicide.

This course meets state licensure requirements for all medical professionals, including:

✔ Physicians and physician assistants
✔ Advanced registered nurse practitioners
✔ Registered nurses
✔ Social workers in a medical setting
✔ Osteopathic physicians and assistants
✔ Dentists
✔ Pharmacists

Why take this training?

This unique training is designed by and for providers working in medical settings. All Patients Safe: Suicide Prevention for Medical Professionals will teach you to:

  • Understand medical providers’ role in suicide prevention
  • Integrate screening, safety, and assessment tools into your practice setting via case-based application of Forefront Suicide Prevention LEARN™ steps
  • Effectively educate patients on how to make their homes safer to prevent suicide
  • Develop a strategy to advocate for protocol and practice changes
  • Integrate Forefront Suicide Prevention LEARN™ suicide prevention steps into your personal and professional life
  • Provide an opportunity to provide feedback on systems changes that are needed to provide good suicide care

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