Concerned about someone

Take it seriously

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1.800.273.8255)
Text the Crisis Text Line at  741741 with the person you are concerned about.
Call 911 if the concern presents immediate danger.

Everyone has a role to play in suicide prevention. Forefront Suicide Prevention’s LEARN® steps can help.

  • Talking about wanting to die
  • Talking about feeling trapped or wanting to escape
  • Showing anger or irritability
  • Becoming isolated and withdrawn
  • Feelings of being a burden to others
  • Increasing sleep difficulties
  • No interest in favorite things
  • Mental illness, most commonly depression and/or anxiety
  • History of trauma
  • Family history of suicide or suicide attempts
  • Hopelessness
  • Major physical illness
  • Job loss or major debt
  • Loss of a relationship
  • Impulsive and/or aggressive tendencies
  • Access to lethal means during time of increased risk
  • Look for signs
  • Empathize and listen
  • Ask about suicide
  • Remove the danger
  • Next steps