Media Initiative

Are you a print reporter, broadcaster, television producer, or working in the communications field? If so, you are a significant part of the public health equation. How we talk about suicide and mental health matters – a lot. Research shows that the language with which we frame these subjects, especially after a high profile tragedy, can shape coming events for better or for worse.


That’s why Forefront Suicide Prevention teams up with journalists to create stories about suicide using compassionate language, educates, inspires hope, advocacy, and recovery – without creating fear: of people with mental illnesses, or of asking for help.

Our media initiative is designed to help you improve public understanding of suicide and suicide prevention through these steps:

  • Offering sources, recommendations and best practices through online resources, personal contact, and training
  • Honoring accurate in-depth journalism with a $500 Washington Award for Excellence in Coverage of Mental Health & Suicide
  • Equipping a statewide coalition of community members to respond to news coverage of suicide and mental illness and liaise with news organizations
  • Providing local undergraduate student journalism two-hour trainings on safe messaging and reporting on suicide
  • Producing high-quality monthly feature stories on Forefront suicide and mental health initiatives

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Journalists – print, broadcast, and radio – are in a unique position to shape the public’s perception of suicide. The same goes for other content messengers such as marketers, bloggers, and those who use social media.

Forefront has been on the ground with connecting press coverage opportunities between the public and the press since 2013.

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